Compliance & Policy Guarantee

Policy Compliance

CAPGlobal and all CAPG Employees shall be responsible for abiding by and being in compliance with Client legal and business policies impacting the services performed in connection with any agreement, including but not limited to being compliant with Client Human Resources/Procurement department rules and guidelines, advertising guidelines, trademark clearance guidelines, brand guidelines, and privacy policies.

CAPGlobal continually develops partnerships with and custom solutions for our clients – CAPG., a premier technology staffing and services company, helping businesses deploy high-caliber IT and communications expertise offering a range of delivery options. We’ve become a highly respected services company by continually building on what we do best — blending superior client service with an unrivaled ability to source and manage talent while at the same time acting in full compliance with our customer’s guidelines, resulting in a successful vendor-client partnership for the long term.

Compliance with Laws and Policies

CAPGlobal will obtain, at its expense, all permits and licenses, pay all fees, and comply with all federal, international (if applicable), state and local laws, ordinances, rules, regulations and orders applicable to CAPGlobal.

CAPGlobal hereby covenants that it will be responsible for pre-screening of Temporary Workers (in compliance with any Client requirements as communicated by Client).

CAPGlobal promises to pay rates on a going-forward basis to ensure compliance with any Client dictated mark-up percentage.

CAPGlobal will adhere to travel expenses in compliance with the Client’s expense reimbursement policy.

CAPGlobal promises to conduct a background investigation for each Vendor-Employee requiring unescorted access at any Client facility or access to the Client computer network sufficient to demonstrate compliance as outlined by Client.

In addition, Vendor-Employee must possess the education and/or applicable professional license and related professional certificates commensurate with the position. Upon request, CAPGlobal shall demonstrate compliance with this requirement as applicable to the nature of the services to be offered by Vendor-Employee.

CAPGlobal will produce a certificate of insurance to Client certifying compliance with your insurance requirements.

CAPGlobal will ensure Co-employment compliance, compliance to all regulatory compliance including all federal, state and local rules and regulations including those governing worker’s compensation, unemployment, disability insurance and social security withholding for its employees and agents.

Upon request, CAPGlobal shall provide Client or designated Vendor Management System with adequate proof of its compliance with the standards outlined here.

CAPGlobal is committed to following US EEOC policies.

CAPGlobal policy guidelines are available for download here.